Both Mickey Mantle and Jackie Robinson were great players on their respective teams.

Two players with great skills in all areas of the game adding great and solid tools that they applied at a high level in their respective teams.

Mickey Mantle was a great star for the Yankees, but Jackie Robinson surprised locals and strangers.

The two players broke many records in baseball, but Robinson broke the barrier of racism.

The work carried out by Mantle cannot be demerited, but J. Robinson was able to break the barrier of racial discrimination with great effort and sacrifice.

Something that no professional athlete had been able to achieve.

Instead, the former New York Yankees player hit a 600-foot home run as a switch player.

Unfortunately an injury was diminishing him until he put an end to his career in the Major Leagues.

Mantle surpassed the barrier of 500 homers and was able to connect many more but he retired very young leaving excellent numbers.

On the other hand, Robinson had everything against him, since at that time discrimination based on skin color was at its maximum expression.

Not only did he have to be a great player, he had to put up with insults and insults every day.

Not only were the insults coming from the general public, the players on their own team were discriminating against him.

And how could a player overcome all that unfortunate situation?

The heart of this player was very big because he really loved baseball, each insult prompted him to give more of himself.

A person worthy of admiration.

Today things have changed a lot, the laws against racial discrimination are very strong.

But who was the best between these two players?
Jackie Robinson was the best as he struggled day in and day out and still they couldn’t stop him and he was able to do an excellent job on the pitch.

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