This week (January 14 of last year) marked the 66th wedding anniversary of the most respected couple of the decade. Marilyn Monroe and baseball player Joe DiMaggio had a secret civil wedding in San Francisco that day, and in the end it wasn’t so secret as fans and media on both sides were saying «I do.»

He was 39 years old; she had a few fewer, 27, although her record was missing two numbers.

She in 13 seasons as the emblem of the New York Yankees, and the highest paid athlete at the time ($ 100,000 a year).

DiMaggio left the game a few months before the wedding, working only as a coach and commentator.

He was a national hero, and Marilyn, already beginning to shine at 20th Century Fox, knows this.

Legend has it that they met at the Villa Nova restaurant in June 1952.

Los Angeles thanks to a blind date arranged by businessman David March. Apparently sparks flew when they saw each other.

DiMaggio is a very shy, conservative-minded celebrity who is really looking for a woman to pamper and cater to him in the old-fashioned way. It is true that their lives are very sweet, and they usually do not appear at photo shoots or other star parties.

However, Marilyn, who had already dazzled the American public as early as 1953 with «A Gentleman’s Blonde», has no intention of giving up any professional role.

Things began to go wrong during their honeymoon in Tokyo, and as soon as they arrived at the airport in the Japanese capital, the media gathered there focused solely on the actress.

Despite her reputation in the United States, DiMaggio realized that her presence was almost invisible as soon as he stepped down the stairs of the plane.

He realizes that her presence is actually invisible. Half the world fell in love with Marilyn’s beauty, and he selfishly didn’t want to share her with anyone.

The player took advantage of that time to do business (let’s not forget that the Japanese have a soft spot for baseball), and without a moment’s hesitation, she went to South Korea to cheer on the US Army.

In all, she performed 12 times for 60,000 burly soldiers.

The images of that moment immediately went viral on television around the world. DiMaggio didn’t even want to see them. Jealousy took hold of him. Paradoxically, he did not get along when he was surrounded by the biggest sex symbols of the time.

By Gedeoni Sena Nolasco and Ezrry Padilla

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