Jackie Robinson is the first player of color who was able to break racism in Major League baseball with his high level (MLB).

 On the bed where his remains rest, there is a writing that was originally a thought of Jackie Robinson himself and said:

«A life is only worth it if it has an impact on others.»

His dedication to being a major league player not only made an impact on the league, it also made a huge impact on satiety.

The impact of this great athlete was such that today we are still amazed by his great feats.

His Major League debut was with the Brooklyn Dodgers on April 15, 1947.

The event referring to the Berlin Wall, which collapsed in one go, was the same way the process that occurred in the Elders as this great player crossed the racial barrier.

Jackie Robinson was also the first manager of color to lead a team in the majors.

The great impact caused by the former Brooklyn Dodgers player left an indelible mark.

It was not an easy life for Jackie Robinson, this great ex-athlete, he endured all kinds of expletives, death threats and humiliations. And he did not give up.

This man had the will of «Steel» but was in very poor health. Jackie Robinson was diabetic, hypertensive, heart disease and arthritic.

And time played against him due to all the pathologies, this great human being only lived 56 years.

Jackie Robinson broke all predictions, and this past regarding the racial barrier that caused so much trouble for Major League Baseball, only tiny little traces remain.

That was what caused what was once a child and grandson of a slave.

The only player who was swimming against the tide was able to get afloat.

«Jackie Robinson a Baseball Great»

By Gedeoni Sena and Ezrry Padilla

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