Is Babe Ruth the most accomplished player when it comes to offense in MLB history?

Countless players have gone through the Major Leagues But very few have achieved what the former New York Yankees player did.

Babe Ruth, who began his career in the best baseball in the world, in 1914 with the Boston Red Sox, did so as a pitcher.

That is a fact that only the connoisseurs of this sport know, that Babe Ruth before being a great hitter was a great Pitcher.

The feats of this former player are so great, that in the 1919 season he threw a total of 133.1 innings in 17 games, but as a hitter that same year, he hit 29 home runs, driving in 113 runs.

An outstanding player. That he made all of those achievements on baseball fields that were much larger than baseball fields today.

Sure, those long fields were a nightmare for hitters, but they were also a lifesaver for pitchers.

But what if the baseball fields were as vast as Babe Ruth managed to hit so many home runs?

That’s a question we ask ourselves a lot because Babe Ruth hit 714 career home runs, regardless of the length of the ball court, Babe Ruth took it out without any problem.

Great time when the use of substances to improve performance did not exist.

Only the strength obtained from the training was the only thing they used.

If we analyze the statistics, this great player also in 1929, hit 60 home runs, 165 RBIs and had a batting percentage of (.356).

A true beast at bat because his records were free of banned substances and will remain in the MLB record books.

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